What is Fund Management on Forex?

The Fund Management that we provide is implemented through percent allocation management module which allows Investors to have their accounts managed by a trader appointed by them on the basis of a limited trading power of attorney. This technical solution allows the Master trader on one trading platform to manage simultaneously unlimited quantity of Investor managed accounts.

Depending on the size of the deposit each Investor`s managed account has its own ratio in all pool. Total sum of all ratios under one pool is always equal to 100%. Trader's activity results (trades, Profit & Loss) are allocated between Investor`s managed accounts according to ratio.


The Master Trader does not have direct access to your account.

Only the Investor has the right to withdraw or deposit funds, to block a trade, to transfer his account to management.

Many of investors are getting involved because they either do not have the knowledge, or the time to trade on their own. The most important thing to note here is that you need to understand the risk. If the Master Trader loses money, so do you. He or she cannot be held responsible because technically, you chose to appoint a trader on the account.her.

So to protect your account you can choose Stop Loss level and in this case you won’t lose more than you choose.

Example of trade allocation

We want to draw particular attention of Investors to the fact that in our "Fund Management" we primarily manage our own funds on a par with Investors' funds. This once again underlines the seriousness of our intentions towards trade and investors.


Let’s assume that there are 4 Investor`s accounts under Master trader:

  1. USD account with deposit of $ 20'000 and ratio 37,3% - Master Trader
  2. EUR account with deposit of € 5'000 and ratio 10,7% - Investor 1
  3. USD account with deposit of $ 10'000 and ratio 18,7% - Investor 2
  4. EUR account with deposit of € 10'000 and ratio 21,4% - Investor 3
  5. GBP account with deposit of £ 5'000 and ratio 11,9% - Investor 4

Depending on funded amounts different ratios are applied for Investor`s account (for ratio calculation all amounts are converted in USD equivalent based on market rate).

In case if, for example, Master Trader decides to BUY 10 lot size EUR/USD. Each Investor`s account has its own part of position and corresponding Profit & Loss.

In current example Master trader will get position BUY 3,73 lot size EUR/USD,
first Investor - BUY 1,07 lot size EUR/USD,
second - buy 1,87 lot size EUR/USD,
third - BUY 2,14 lot size EUR/USD,
fourth - buy 1,19 lot size.

Resulting profit & loss will be automatically calculated for each account depending on market prices.



The Performance Fee is subject to a high watermark and will only be charged when the amount on the account at the end of a Calculation Period exceeds the highest historical account value. The calculation of the Performance Fee will be adjusted if new funds are deposited on the account during a Calculation Period. The Performance Fee is calculated and payable as per specified Calculation Period: monthly. The Calculation Period is applied on a calendar basis.

The Management Volume Fee: for each amount of 1 lot size (100 000 USD) traded the Investor will be charged:
Dynamic portfolio: 2,5 usd for 1 lot size (100 000 usd)
Balanced Portfolio: 2,2 usd for 1 lot size trade (100 000 usd)

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Risk Warning: The Investor confirms being aware of the speculative nature and the high risks associated with margin trading, mechanisms, characteristics and high degree of volatility of the currency and derivatives market. The Investor understands and agrees that margin trading might result in total loss of funds deposited as a margin and that consequently, only “risk” funds should be used in such trading. Anyone who does not have the extra capital that may be subject to a total loss should not trade on margin. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. The Investor hereby certifies to have understood any and all risks related to the present managed account service at Without any exceptions Master Traders assume no obligations with regard to any guarantee or promise of future profitable performance.