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Invest in Forex wisely

The investing activity involves the assets purchase in order to get such a profit that would lead to the development of a long-time asset. If you want to succeed in this, you should invest in products which returns are at least equal with the inflation rate. Forex Trading is one of the most popular methods for smart investing.

So, what exactly should you do in order to make money in Forex investments’ world?

You have two options. First is to be a Trader and have your own trading strategy that works good. Or the second is to use account management services provided by a Master Trader. If you do not have enough knowledge or time for currency trading, then Fund Management is the best way for you to touch the Forex world. Let the Master Traders do the hard work instead of you and start getting the same results as they do.

No matter what you choose, first of all you have to learn the main rules and stick to them. Then you should develop a strategic plan and follow it until you achieve your goals.

What you should pay particular attention when planning to invest in Forex market?

1. Your investing funds

Starting with a fixed amount of money is not a rule so you can start investing with small amounts. Each dollar has the power to generate nice profits! By starting with mini-investments you will be able to learn the rules of the game and increase your funds in time. But the most important thing rather than the basic funds is the moment when you start investing.

Your investing funds
Moment that you start

2. The moment when you start and the period you keep investing

Time is the investments’ best friend. But it could be also their worst enemy if you do not use it in your favor. You can’t turn back time but you can use it by starting to invest earlier. Time is a great ally for the money, that’s why you should focus on the moment you start and the period you keep investing. You can not start investing earlier than you did, but if you didn’t yet – now is the right moment to do that!

3. Money allocation according to your risk profile

This should be the prior thing when you start investing because the way you allocate funds will affect the risk level and the money return you get. So you can do this according to you, your risk profile, your age and the period of time you set for your purpose achievement.

For example, you can see the trade allocation of "Fund Management" provided by our Master Traders here.


4. The return or the rate that you increase your investment by

The return is the profit that your investment gains. Work for each money you save and make them work for you as well. Give your money some important tasks and let them all work together to exponentially increase your investment. Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to invest all your money, but not to touch them whenever you get some unplanned needs.

Our Master Traders give a real statistic with their trading strategy which is better: to take your profit each month or to reinvest. The Charts for Balanced Portfolio and for Dynamic Portfolio you can see here.

5. Become a successful Investor!

Remember: ‘The investment world is not like a place for beginners or amateurs, but a world of professional people’. We all are involved in the same activity and seek for successful results. That’s why it is important to invest wisely, to choose a forex trading strategy that works good or to start working with a Master Trader.

Become a successful investor!

When you set your targets you have to work to achieve them and in order to make it, you have to follow “The Golden Rules of the Successful Investor”.

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    Via secure online platform, investors enjoy direct access to financial investments. They may track performance and check the current status of their portfolio at any time. Additionally, they receive monthly Detailed Portfolio Statement and Positions Report of all pool
  • Invest in currency and protect your capital

    Choice of base currency of the investment, to avoid the risk of devaluation. Individual Stop Loss Level for each account. Ability to block trading facilities for particular managed accounts. Facilities for payments between investor and Master Trader.
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We only trade real Forex positions according to our own self-made strategies. We invest our own real cash! Our money is also invested along-side yours.

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The Golden rules of the successful investor

Successful investing in Forex market is a journey, not a one-time event, and you must be prepared as if you are going on a long trip. In this article, we'll lead you through the 15 steps of your expedition into investing and show you the details to pay attention to.

1. Make a plan and stick to it

Start investing in Forex without a plan – sounds insane. Therefore, you have to assess your current situation and mark your financial objectives. Then proceed to your plan accomplishment.

2. Who will trade?

You need to decide are you ready to control your money or it’s better to invest in forex without trading by using forex management account.

3. Make sure you created an emergency fund

Creating an emergency fund you'll be able not to touch your investments in order to cover some unexpected needs that might occur. Only in this way, you will let your money work for you.

Your investing funds
Moment that you start

4. Start investing in the forex market right now!

One of the biggest mistakes that people could do is to get informed, attend courses or find good forex account management services but too long delaying with the start of investing. Here is a fact: the earlier you start investing, the greater is the experience you can achieve!

5. Dare to be boring: keep it simple!

Start by choosing the asset you want to invest in or directly open a forex managed account by choosing Master Trader who will trade instead of you, and let it work. Don’t try to “beat the market” because you won’t make it. Opt for safe investments and you’ll see how they will bring you a progressive profit.

6. Understanding the funds’ allocation meaning

As a general rule, the share that you decide to invest in different financial instruments or in forex account management companies makes the return that your portfolio will gain. The funds' allocation depends on your “appetite” toward the risk. It would be a correct thing to adjust your portfolio to the changes that might occur in your life, and to your life targets variation.

7. Make a proper diversification

By choosing to invest in different types of activities or in different Master Traders you disperse the risk and protect your funds from related declines.So, take care not to shift in the opposite side and diversify your portfolio too much, that’s because it will be difficult to manage it or to modify it when needed.

8. Understanding the financial instruments you invest in and get informed about this

All the time you have to know what happens with your money and your investment. It is very important to understand how each investment works in order to take the right decisions and to earn a profit. If you use copy trading or forex portfolio management with Master Traders you should know that the best forex managed account services should provide you each day email with information what is happening with your money. This is the correct way to keep control.

Moment that you start

9. Don’t buy or sell all at once

When you start investing, you need time to understand how it works. Therefore, you shouldn’t invest all your savings in one single trade, in one single financial instrument. Only by practicing this business, you will understand how the investment’s market works as well as the investors’ psychology.

Choose type of investment that suits your profile. Then go for it and manage its evolution. Withal, get informed about other possible investments and if they suit you – keep it up in the same way! Thus, you will have a diversified portfolio, you will understand what you have to do further and you will gain experience. All these things will give you the fortitude to go on further by investing in other financial instruments. But if you use forex portfolio management by Master Trader he or she will make all these things instead of you.

10. Understand what is the return and the risk, as well as the connection between them

Before investing in Forex, find out what type of investor you are. Then decide for yourself and assess the risk you can afford. The connection between the risk and return is directly proportional: the bigger the risk, the bigger is the chance to get a high return.

11. Buy low and sell high

Perhaps, in the beginning, you won’t be able to make it for each investment, but you have to keep the principle of trying and follow it as much possible. You don’t have to achieve the lows or highs, but you got to try keeping your business around them. Our Master Traders always try to make this. You can see how they handle it here.

12. Focus on the controllable things

As soon as you cannot control your investments’ return, there is one thing you can manage for sure: the time, the place and the way you invest your money. That’s why it’s important to focus more on the things you can control rather than on the other things. There is no the best trading strategy, you have to try to find a forex trading strategy that works well for you.

13. Don’t let your emotions control you

If you get involved in this business, you have to learn to control your emotions. Do not let the fear or greed inform your investment choices. So don’t be greedy and don’t make wrong decisions. Sell when you achieved the profit and do not panic. If you can’t achieve with this point it’s better for you to start investing in forex without trading.

Moment that you start

14. Invest regularly

Save and invest money at regular periods of time. This will help you to catch increasing periods that will bring you profit, same as decreasing periods that will offer you chances to purchase low. In our site, you can find information about what results you would have if you take your profits each month or when reinvest them.

15. Assess your investments systematically

You don’t have to trade weekly or monthly, but you must assess your investments and balance your portfolio systematically.

And here’s the last advice: you can succeed only if you got perseverance, discipline, and patience. Start investing in forex trading or make it without trading by using Master Traders right now and keep it up to achieve the best results!

Risk Warning: The Investor confirms being aware of the speculative nature and the high risks associated with margin trading, mechanisms, characteristics and high degree of volatility of the currency and derivatives market. The Investor understands and agrees that margin trading might result in total loss of funds deposited as a margin and that consequently, only “risk” funds should be used in such trading. Anyone who does not have the extra capital that may be subject to a total loss should not trade on margin. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. The Investor hereby certifies to have understood any and all risks related to the present managed account service at copytradingforex.com. Without any exceptions Master Traders assume no obligations with regard to any guarantee or promise of future profitable performance.