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Annualized performance for all Balanced Portfolio investor accounts of CopyTradingForex.com during the period of April 2018 until now

Annualized performance for all Dynamic Portfolio investor accounts of CopyTradingForex.com during the period of January 2019 until now

The historic data is no guarantee or promise for future performance. The above-mentioned performance results are net results.

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Why copytradingforex.com?

  • No monthly fee

    Fee for guaranteed profit only. When we bank a profit, so will you.
    The Master Trader earns profit only at the profit of the Investor managed account.
  • Absolute transparency

    Via secure online platform, investors enjoy direct access to financial investments. They may track performance and check the current status of their portfolio at any time. Additionally, they receive monthly Detailed Portfolio Statement and Positions Report of all pool
  • Invest in currency and protect your capital

    Choice of base currency of the investment, to avoid the risk of devaluation. Individual Stop Loss Level for each account. Ability to block trading facilities for particular managed accounts. Facilities for payments between investor and Master Trader.
Real Trade

We only trade real Forex positions according to our own self-made strategies. We invest our own real cash! Our money is also invested along-side yours.

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True Results

We only report real results, no paper trading or simulated demo accounts. We provide you with real Portfolio Statement and real Positions Report of our real trading accounts.

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For 13 years of currency trading we have created “self-made” trading strategies which allow us to make money.

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Risk Warning: The Investor confirms being aware of the speculative nature and the high risks associated with margin trading, mechanisms, characteristics and high degree of volatility of the currency and derivatives market. The Investor understands and agrees that margin trading might result in total loss of funds deposited as a margin and that consequently, only “risk” funds should be used in such trading. Anyone who does not have the extra capital that may be subject to a total loss should not trade on margin. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. The Investor hereby certifies to have understood any and all risks related to the present managed account service at copytradingforex.com. Without any exceptions Master Traders assume no obligations with regard to any guarantee or promise of future profitable performance.