Aleksandar Peychev

Aleksandar Peychev
2007Ukraine, Kyiv City - forex broker "Teletrade - Ukraine" - business trader
The main task is to work with clients-investors of the company to restore their forex accounts after unsuccessful trading of their own.
2008 - 2014Bulgaria, Sofia City - forex broker "Teletrade - Bulgaria" - CEO
Development of the Teletrade brand on the territory of Bulgaria: recruitment and training of personnel for working with clients; searching, training and mentoring of forex traders; development of the company's branch network in other cities of the country.
Opening of the Teletrade DJ International Sofia Brunch for online presence in the country.
Development of full-fledged training courses on trading on the forex market: for beginners, advance and professional traders
Development of a system of seminars on research and trading in real time at the forex market
2007 - 2016Intensive and continuous forex trading, developing our own profitable strategies, empirical research and detailed analysis of the forex market
2016Initiating a project "" - opening trading account for Dynamic portfolio
2018Opening trading account for Balanced portfolio
2019Starting of website

Desislava Kostova is a highly regarded trader and coach with over 9 years experience in the financial markets.

Her career as a professional forex trading consultant began in 2010 when she started working for an international consulting company - Teletrade (branch in Bulgaria). Her work consisted in conducting seminars and personal training for investors. She had only one goal - to make a good trader out of everyone of her students. For this purpose, she developed her own successful trading strategies.

In 2012, she reached the peak in her career as CEO of representative office of an international investment broker - TeleTrade DJ International Consulting Limited. Desislava built a forex specialists team, thanks to which the company had grown and started to work with customers from all over Europe.

Five years later, in 2017, she became a mother. This changed her life completely and she decided to leave everything and deal only with Forex trading. Desislava built a successful business plan for trading, so in 2018 a Balanced portfolio appeared and she became a Master trader.

In 2019 she started the website because she knows ”We can do more if we work together”.

Desislava Kostova

Desislava Kostova


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