3 easy steps to become Investor

1 step

step 1


The Fund Management that we provide is implemented through percent allocation management module.

Important!!! Pay attention to 3 important aspects:

  1. You should open a special Managed Forex Trading Account.
  2. Minimum investment amount is $1000
  3. During the opening of the account you will need to specify the CODE and the name of a Master Trader (who will trade?)
    This data depends on the type of Portfolio (Dynamic or Balanced) you selected. You can find them in the table bellow.
Type of PortfolioCODEName
Dynamic67j56hAleksandar Peychev
Balnaced45GHMNDesislava Kostova


To protect your funds please use 'Equity Stop Loss Level' function.

All open positions will be closed and trading blocked if equity on your account is equal or less than 'Stop Loss Level'. Please be informed that equity on your account after closing of all open positions might be below 'Equity Stop Loss Level' depending on market conditions. Everyone makes his own desicion on what Equity Stop loss Level to apply. We recommend the Equity Stop Loss Level to be set to the next number:

Type of PortfolioEquity Stop Loss Level, %Example
Dynamic2025Click for calculation
step 2

2 step

3 step

step 3


If you have already opened and funded your Managed account, as well as have set Equity Stop Loss Level, the next step is to join your account to the Master Trader's account.

The initial status account is "Pending". Pressing the "Activate" button will confirm your consent to enable copy trading activities on your Investor Managed account. Once accepted by the Master trader, trading will be enabled.

Your activation request will be processed in the next 24 hours. For a quick start on copy trading and joining the Master account, please send information with your name, account number and conformation to: [email protected]

Who benefits from using


Busy people

This type of trading is becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact that it allows busy persons to make money on the market. In fact, there are many people who create the so-called “people-based” portfolios. This means that instead of investing in stocks or forex, they invest in other investors and do not perform trades themselves.


Beginner traders

Fund management is great for new traders. It allows you to venture into the scary world of finances and potentially make some profits.


Advanced traders

You can see what decisions they make and see the statistics they see. You can try to understand what they saw that made them take the course of action they did, and learn from that.

Start smart invest now!

Risk Warning: The Investor confirms being aware of the speculative nature and the high risks associated with margin trading, mechanisms, characteristics and high degree of volatility of the currency and derivatives market. The Investor understands and agrees that margin trading might result in total loss of funds deposited as a margin and that consequently, only “risk” funds should be used in such trading. Anyone who does not have the extra capital that may be subject to a total loss should not trade on margin. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. The Investor hereby certifies to have understood any and all risks related to the present managed account service at Without any exceptions Master Traders assume no obligations with regard to any guarantee or promise of future profitable performance.